IBM BPM Process Designer blank screen solved

IBM BPM Process Designer blank screen solved

When running BPM Process Designer, it will going blank in Windows 8. Here are the solutions :

1. Go to the directory where Process Designer is installed and find the javaw.exe file.
For me this directory is:

2. COPY the file javaw.exe to javawpd.exe. You will now have 2 copies of this file.
3. Now edit your eclipse.ini file. Mine is in C:\IBM\ProcessDesigner\v8.5

4. Find the line which reads:

and change to

and restart Process Designer.

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  1. Thanks for the fix. This seems to be when having multiple similar client tools installed, process name clashes in the background causing this problem. I guess they uses javaw.exe for eclipse like tools. If we use unique name, it works.

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