Install Windows 10 in X1 Extreme / X1 Carbon 6th via USB

Installing windows 10 in Thinkpad X1e or X1 Carbon can be tricky. There are several problems that may occur during this installation.
This is quite frustrating until we found the right approach. Here are common issues:

1. Installation USB not detected or not bootable
I found this issue because i use USB 8GB (better 16GB up). Also using Windows USB tools, which better using Rufus

2. Configure Bios configuration for UEFI, Security Boot
We just need to disable security boot and that’s it. BIOS should by default running on UEFI.

3. The Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style
This is because we are using MBR instead of GPT when copy Windows 10 ISO using Rufus.
Make sure we format using Large FAT32 and GPT with UEFI.

After installation done. If you want to upgrade the Windows Home into Windows Pro version,
Go to Windows Activation and enter product key to upgrade.

If you are using KMSPico or other similar tools, you can disable wifi first.
Don’t forget to update your windows from 16 to 19 version. To check version, please go to Settings > About

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