Good Wording For Meeting

Good Wording For Meeting

I found this gem in linkedin

Regional Vice President – Field Supervision at Royal Alliance Associates INC

Let me try to add a little positivity to some of these examples. I personally know people who feel the way the author describes in the article but I honestly have to say that I would consider these people the problem, not the language used with them.

1. “I don’t need all the details. Let’s just get to the bottom line.” – I ‘m not listening —Or maybe I trust you judgement, in the interest of everyones time please give me the important info.

2. “Well, these are the facts.” – I know more than you. — In the interest of time and/or based on the research I or someone else has already completed, here are the important points.

3. “You might be right.” – I don’t think you are right until I verify it for myself. —-May you are right… here is some more info to consider.

4. “I’m wondering about ____. Pat, please get back to us on this.” – You do the work, I’ll take the credit (if it’s Pat’s job or if he is the subject matter expert, this would make sense).

5. “You did a great job on that, Pat!” – I’m happy to give you MY approval —I’m really appreciative of the work you did. (silly to think you can’t give a peer or even a more senior person a compliment).

6. “I think what Pat is trying to say is…” – Thanks for trying, I’ll take it from here (if this is done in the right context there shouldn’t be any issues, sometimes someone else may say it better, or maybe just better for the current audience)

7. “I can see why you might think that.” Variant: “I used to think that, too.” –Then I evolved —-I used to think that too, I learned….. which is what changed my opinion. Or maybe there is more to consider now and special circumstances not widely known.

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