Fix taskbar search not working in Windows 10

After installed Windows 10, everything works fine until i made some changes on driver and shutdown firewall. Typing in windows search or settings not working. Cortana already running, but seems it’s not solving the problems.

To problem taskbar search issues in Windows 10 usually happened because “ctfmon.exe” is not running.
This service is required to make windows search working.

To test if this is your issues, please do “WIN+R” and type “C:\Windows\system32\ctfmon.exe”.
Try to typing on windows search to see if this solution is working.

If this your issue, next you will need to have ctfmon.exe running everything your computer start.
Here are the step:

1. Win+R
2. Type “taskschd.msc”
3. Go to Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > TextServicesFramework.
4. Import XML MsCtfMonitor.xml
5. Restart

Your problem should be fixed by now

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