Setup BitCoin on Fedora Linux

Setup BitCoin on Fedora Linux

Here is tutorial on how to setup bitcoin and start mining on Fedora 18 (Linux). First thing first, we need to download dependencies.

1. Install QT
Since we will using Bitcoin client, it’s need QT to make it run.

sudo yum install libQtGTL

2. Download BitCoin client for Linux
Go to Bitcoin Download and pick linux packages. Extract and copy the bin folder into “/usr/local/bin”. For me, I use 64bit version.

cd ~/bitcoin-0.8.1-linux/64
sudo cp bin/* /usr/local/bin

3. Start Bitcoin QT
Just execute “bitcoin-qt” from your terminal. First time it’s run, it’s need to retrieve hash blocks which meaning it will download 9 GB data. Just leave your laptop for a day and it will finish.

4. Start solo mining
After our bitcoin download blocks already completed, we can stat doing solo mining. But, we need to install dependencies here :

sudo yum install opencl wxPython git pyserial
git clone
cd poclbm

You can start doing solo mining or join with pooling mining website like, slush, etc.

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