Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 920 or Windows Phone black screen and dead

16 May , 2013  

If your windows phone or Nokia Lumia suddenly blank screen or DEAD, don’t throw away! press Volume Down + Power for 10 seconds. It will revived!

Trust me, Nokia phone isn’t easy to die 🙂

Windows Phone

Lock 3G 4G network in Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

15 May , 2013  

I use Nokia Lumia 920 at this example. To lock Nokia lumia network on 3G / 4G only, we can do quick setup by:

1. Go to dial-pad
Type : ##3282 and call

For older version, please type : ##3282#.

Click settings on right-bottom
From this settings, we can set network running on 2G only, 3G only or even 4G only (LTE).

Here is the steps: