Showing ASCII number of alphabet letter in C

29 Mar , 2012  

To create string in C, we commony we use char. For example :

char alphabet = "a"

At this point, char in C basically represents a byte. So yes, “a” equal with one byte. Just remember, everything you see char in C it’s mean byte.

Another things we should know is string structure in C is array. It have null “” for detecting the end of string. This may have different approach with other programming language.

Now, we can find out print ASCII number from given letter of alphabet in C by :


Learning how to print Fibonacci number in C

28 Mar , 2012  

Fibonacci number in mathematical terms can be used for learning any programming languange. Now, we will learn how to print Fibonacci number in console using C. First thingsp, create a file called “fibonacci.c” :



How to print hello world in C on Ubuntu Linux

27 Mar , 2012  

The first things to do learning C programming language is create a “Hello World!”. I commonly use Ubuntu / LINUX for building application. So, at tthis blog, I will write all C applicationsĀ  in Ubuntu.

Let’s start by creating a file called “helloworld.c” :