Install Celery 3.1.25 in Django 1.10 with Ubuntu 16.04 Production

1 May , 2017  

Celery is awesome tools to manage queue in Django. It’s can reduce processing time in serial / sync process. For instance, we have schema for registering user:

1. User click on Sign-up Button
2. We create and save into records (1 second)
3. Signals trigger send SMS to User (1 second)
4. Signals trigger send Email to User (1 second)
5. Signals trigger send Email to our Admin (1 second)

User will waiting processing 5 seconds to complete the process. At this condition, we require to put the step 2-5 into queue to reduce un-necessary process.

Celery can solve this problem by queue the process and using tasks management. At this point, I will focus on how to setup Celery with Django for Production.

1. requirements.txt


Unfortunatelly, Celery 4 not working with Windows environment. We need to back to 3.1.25 to support compability.
We can start to install the given requirements

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