Solving no docs found for member gjslint on VIM Syntastic

21 Sep , 2011  

Closure Linter (gjslint) is pretty powerfull for checking our javascript code. If you using VIM, then you should consider using Syntastic plugin which is incredibly.

By default, Syntastic will detecting Gjslint, Jslint, JSHint and Javascriptlint in our system. Every editing and saving a JS file, syntastic will do several javascript checker.

Today, i found “no docs found for member” error which it comes from Closure Linter. This is happen because i don’t create JSDoc Annotation in my code. JSDoc is useful for auto-complete on several IDE. But, sometimes people don’t need it.



How to ping and SSH Ubuntu Guest Host Virtualbox

16 Sep , 2011  

By default SSH & ping between Virtualbox Guest and Host is disabled. Virtualbox make NAT connection between Host and Guest so we can have internet connection in Guest. To make Host and Guest can communicate in two ways, here are the steps :

1. Create vboxnet0 network device.
If you don’t have this vboxnet, you will have empty in Network Adapter preferences.
So, open Virtualbox and go ” File -> Preferences -> Network “.

Add host-only by press + (plus) button.



How get latest NGINX and build deb package on Ubuntu

16 Sep , 2011  

I use Ubuntu Natty 11.04 in this installation which use nginx 0.8.54 as default package. Now, i try to build and install nginx 1.1.3 development into my Ubuntu.

1. Enable NGINX source
Edit “/etc/apt/source.list” and uncomment :

deb-src natty multiverse

Then you need to reload repository by “sudo apt-get update”